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sometimes less is more...

"What are you saying "yes" to today? (And sometimes saying "no" is the best way to say "yes" to what you most need.)" yes! Art Print by Three Lives Left

... all the small things. Always say thank you for the small things the you won't for get with the big things

that's all I can ask.

mhmm :)

You support, encourage, motivate me to be a better person and no matter what we have been through you never gave up on me. Iloveyou


Shut Up and Kiss Me in Pretty Pink & Cloud White by theloveshop, $11.00

Of course I will! Pan-a-Cakes and lazy Saturday mornings with the family all together...This is a wonderful life!


So true. Sometimes the pictures don't come out like I see them. It gets me mad.


Definitely one of those days... - Imgur

No. No . No. No. Hell NO. I don't like the spider legs look.

I do not like Girls who always say.."I'm fat, I'm ugly, I am not beautiful". It annoys me. It is like they are having a pity party and only people who disagree and insist the opposite are invited. Shut Up and Listen for once.