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Parents Shouldn’t Text : les SMS parents-enfants les plus drôles

my parents have done this, except they asked for the name of my dog.


Pinterbest : les meilleurs "pins" de la semaine



Next time a stranger talks to me…

that' funny :)

I love pin ups whenever I get a chance I am getting a redheaded pin up girl tattoo #pinupgirls #pinupstyle #vintage #retro #PINitUP #pinup

yes So true! As soon as I hit "Pin" , I say #@$%! Especially if the comment makes everyone think that I already tried this Pin.

from Etsy

Unless Life also hands you Water and Sugar, your Lemonade is Gonna Suck - PINBACK BUTTON or MAGNET - 1.25 inch round

Funny, very funny!