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    • Raychel Cole

      Way to lead by example.

    • Stephanie Kaldes

      I'm not for gay marriage by any means but I've seen this posted everywhere - I feel like I should say something : this guy doesn't have it straight. Obviously. He is a class act idiot and no, I did not plan on voting for him mainly because of his failed marriages. He does give conservatives a bad name. He is just a man and does not know the sanctity of marriage, that much is clear.

    • Lizzie Lebedz

      Right?! See?! I'm not taking crazy pills, it's true!

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    Thanks @Amy Howerton

    "Dance even though your heart is breaking", would be a beautiful tattoo!

    Love polka dots!

    What will happen if gay marriage is legalized...

    The time is now, apparently.

    no labels!!


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    yankee cake - prob not for wedding, but great idea for the baseball enthusiasts in my life!


    Great idea. Cords will fit better in drawers.

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    Snoopy snowcone machine - I remember mine fondly!

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    So true...