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'Share a Coke'. 3 word brief from Ogilvy, One great piece of work coming from a design student at HK Polytechnic.

Jonathan Mak designed the Steve Jobs tribute logo last year, at the age of Less than six months later, he was working on a re-do for the Coca-Cola swirl.

Welcome to the smallest IKEA store in the World Ikea為了凸顯他們的產品是很節省家中空間的,特地將2800件物品塞進一個小小的banner當中,還將這些縮小版的物品排成一個他們想要推薦的商品圖案,一旦你將滑鼠移過去,就會驚奇地發現,這個原先不起眼的圖案竟然塞入了那麼多的物品…   - See more at: http://www.brandinlabs.com/2013/01/09/%e3%80%90%e5%a6%82%e4%bd%95%e8%ae%93%e4%bd%a0%e7%9a%84banner%e5%bb%a3%e5%91%8a%e6%88%90%e7%82%ba%e4%ba%ba%e4%ba%ba%e5%bf%85%e9%bb%9e%e7%9a%84%e7%b6%93%e5%85%b8%e6%a1%88%e4%be%8b%ef%bc%88%e4%b8%8a/#sthash.F6uMvFlA.dpuf

Presenting IKEAs smallest store in the world, yet perhaps its also the biggest banner ad ever seen, fitting all products inside the banner, equivalent to every single product in an entire IKEA store.

Оригинальная реклама на остановках. Реклама пуленепробиваемых стекол. По легенде, за стеклом $3 миллиона, но на самом деле только $500.

Security Glass Ad - This a bold display of bus stop advertising. That is actual money inside of the glass case. Very creative and shows how their product works in the craziest way possible.

New Green Campaign Promotes the World's Best Natural Packaging | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

New Green Campaign Promotes the World's Best Natural Packaging

Tired of the excess waste that came with all the products he purchased, Timofey Yuriev created a green advertising campaign promoting the best sustainable packaging nature has to offer.

I dreampt of a brown bear wearing a polar bear suit back when I was a teenager.

Fiat 500 Black Jack Reveal Your Dark Side Black Bear in White Polar Bear Suit May 2013

Brand by Hand: Famous Logos Meet Lettering.

Brand by Hand - Famous Logos Meet Lettering - handmade brands made by Sara Marshall

Sheet Music Montage :: Coney Island 1950 (by Harold Feinstein)

Creative image by Dios de Jacob. Açık Sheet Music Montage — Coney Island 1950 (by Harold Feinstein)

Fabulous! #ads #creative

How to Build a Lasting Relationship! Me is We! Funny how something so simple is true!