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Norges 400 Rikeste (Norway's 400 Richest) - annual list from Kapital magazine

Challenges magazine's July 2013 list of the top 500 fortunes in France (in French)

The billions we give to charity, from TNT Post. Who gives to charity in the UK, how much, how, why and to whom. #fundraising # philanthropy

The Europa International Foundation Directory 2012. Lists over 2,550 grantmaking organisations around the world. £320 http://www.fundraising.co.uk/amazonbooks/europa-international-foundation-directory-2012

"Which is London’s most generous borough?" - Stats from the London Marathon 2012, via JustGiving

Toronto Life's annual list of the city's top salaries comes out in November.

Project Runeberg includes open access to scanned copies of older Scandinavian publications, such as Norway's version of Who's Who (Hvem er Hvem?) http://runeberg.org

"Inside The 2013 Forbes China 400: Facts And Figures On China's Richest" - Russell Flannery

L'Associazione Italian Fondazioni ed Enti di Erogazione/ Italian Foundation and Grantmakers Association

Russia's 100 most influential women - 2014 list from Kommersant (article in Russian)

Forbes World Billionaires List 2012, released today (March 7)

Poland's 100 Richest - 2013 list from WProst magazine

Challenges magazine's 2014 wealth ranking for France (Classement grandes fortunes de France: 17 nouveaux milliardaires en 2014)

200 Wealthiest People in Ukraine - Focus magazine, March 2013

"Le palmarès des grandes fortunes," Challenges magazine's annual list of the top 500 wealthy individuals and families in France. (in French)

Los 100 Empresarios más Importantes de México 2011/ Mexico's Most Important Entrepreneurs 2011, a ranking by Expansión magazine based on personal wealth and corporate data.

Bilan magazine's annual list of the 300 wealthiest individuals in Switzerland (in French)