• Suzanne Seale

    fail...OMG, when we were looking for a house years ago, we actually saw a bathroom door that was cut away just like this!!! That is amazing. Looks like the bathroom I grew up with but we had a sliding pocket door.

  • Sarah Cottrell

    tiny bathroom is really tiny. This was almost us on our remodel. Except with a taller toilet.

  • Jennifer Franz Nobles

    Redneck Remodeling, Inc. ????..they obviously didn't take in mind that after you close the door you can see the person right through the door. Lol

  • Sabrina Elliott

    I have seen some home improvements, such as this, while looking for a house.

  • Danielle Gray

    Well that's one way to utilize the space of a small bathroom.... but what would you do about the hole when you close the door?

  • Ashley Armentrout

    Horrible home inspection photos.

  • Debbie Harvey

    I'm sick of being pushed and pulled so I'm going to eat the toilet. Sincerely your bathroom door. LOL

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