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The Girl, the Boy, and the Bow. Cute Mericcup moment of Merida teaching Hiccup to use a bow.

Arya and Gendry as played by Hiccup and Merida

Aww! This boy, what is his name? I need to get to know him... Does he have an account?! Why am I here?!

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Mericcup. My favorite as long as either Hiccup is a Guardian and can't be with Astrid because of it or if Astrid was dead.

Dae aye intimidate ye even after a’ these years, dragon rider?

"Mericcup: hiccup + merida" What?!?!!?

Marida and Hiccup- from the big four

Mericcups children: Justin and M.K.

Hiccup and the Triplets!!!

Mericcup comic by Redhead-K on deviantART - Love the concept, could kill for what the artist did to Merida...worse than what Disney tried to do.

  • Angel The Cheesecake Lover

    More for Jelsa, but i love Mericup

  • Katrina Daughter of Athena

    Well, my fave disney ship at least

  • Courtney Duffy

    STOP DOING THIS!!!!! ASTRAD AND HICCUP GO TOGETHER LIKE BUTTER AND BREAD, SHIVER AND SHAKE! *falling down with one hand in the air and the other clutching the heart* WHY!!!

  • Ashlie Grant

    So it doesn't mean that everyone has to ship Hiccstrid. Mericcup was made for people who don't like Astrid or think that he would be better with someone other than Astrid

  • Katrina Daughter of Athena

    Yeah, I mean I like Astrid, shes my fave HTTYD character actually, but I think hiccup and Merida go better together

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I have known you for so long. by Turquoise98. I LOVE this HTTYD2 Mericcup Teaser! Though I don't think Merida looks good wearing Astrid's shield-maiden clothes. lol XD