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Merida's reaction to Hiccup's appearance. Hahaha, I love it! This is from deviantart. I didn't make this.

Awesome!!!!! **needs Dreamworks/Disney to make this a reality SO BADLY**

The Girl, the Boy, and the Bow. Cute Mericcup moment of Merida teaching Hiccup to use a bow.

Aww! This boy, what is his name? I need to get to know him... Does he have an account?! Why am I here?!

Cute concept, but I'm sorry, Merida would not depend on a guy like that. Seriously. Wtf?

I ship them so hard! Mericcup ♥ art by Punziella on Tumblr --> punziella.tumblr....

Arya and Gendry as played by Hiccup and Merida

Mericcup. My favorite as long as either Hiccup is a Guardian and can't be with Astrid because of it or if Astrid was dead.

Dae aye intimidate ye even after a’ these years, dragon rider?

Mericcup they would be so cute! But NOT Jack and Merida (Jerida?)