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The Girl, the Boy, and the Bow. Cute Mericcup moment of Merida teaching Hiccup to use a bow.

Awesome!!!!! **needs Dreamworks/Disney to make this a reality SO BADLY**

Arya and Gendry as played by Hiccup and Merida

Cute concept, but I'm sorry, Merida would not depend on a guy like that. Seriously. Wtf?

Aww! This boy, what is his name? I need to get to know him... Does he have an account?! Why am I here?!

Dae aye intimidate ye even after a’ these years, dragon rider?

Mericcup comic by Redhead-K on deviantART - Love the concept, could kill for what the artist did to Merida...worse than what Disney tried to do.

I have known you for so long. by Turquoise98. I LOVE this HTTYD2 Mericcup Teaser! Though I don't think Merida looks good wearing Astrid's shield-maiden clothes. lol XD

Ariel was my favorite as a kid (based on her red hair AND her fins) now Merida has been added to my list of faves. It couldn't be a list until now because there was only 1 red.