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Mandy. Just thought your boys would like this. Another Minecraft quilt idea.

Minecraft Quilt another cool one but I think harder to do. sticking with the easy one. I can at least help with that one.

Minecraft 8 Bit Creeper Quilt with enderman by OhSewKute on Etsy

Minecraft quilt- now I feel like I need to start quilting! Thanks a lot Pinterest.

This looks awesome, I can't believe they made that big tree! And if you look in the back they made a cloud, awesome

Minecraft Quilt ideas (not this layout, but just inspiration) for ethan or killian

Minecraft designs for Fractions decimals and percentage Level a- color three different colors, write a fraction for each color you chose Level b-create a robot with 1/2 green 1/4 blue 2/8 red.... Level c-create a robot with1/2 green 25% blue 0.12 red...

Minecraft poster by mudron, via Flickr Beautiful Art Nouveau style!

Christmas Crunch Cookies... these are home-made, so one strike against them, but they look SO delicious, and they have oats, M's, white chocolate chips, AND rice crispies! They just might be worth the effort sometime... maybe ;)

Easy Zombie-proof door I haven't seen yet - Imgur

minecraft-inspired shelves. I want! But I want butter ones. (Butter means gold.)