Sewing kit from a small repurposed suitcase.

Sewing Suitcase

Eyeglass case to sewing kit case...this would be great for a suitcase or to keep in your purse!

would love to convert one of my suitcases for travelling .. upstairs, to studio, into garden .. my applique / hand projects? easy to grab and go to a friends too .. but is it TOO big?

Suitcase Craft Box

10 Vintage suitcase tutorials #DIY #decor #home

Sewing Kit Great Idea for a beginner....could even do a case for specific craft such as crochet, embroidery, etc.

DIY: Thread Spool Box — MURMUR #thread #storage #sewing storage

pin cushion on your sewing machine! Great idea!


Tin Cans Crafts Ideas

Suitcase knitting and sewing kit

Repurposed suitcase now used to store jewelry. Great way for a crafter to transport jewelry to/from craft shows.

Sewing craft

simple DIY keyholder with keychains //Manbo

tutorial on making a sewing kit out of those lovely mini suitcases. Those mini suitcases would be great in the vintage travel trailer.

Elizabeth's Color-Filled Apartment — House Tour-like the frame around the spools of thread.... Cute idea for sewing room.

Dollar Store bins covered with fabric using hot glue (no sewing needed).

how to sew a corset #sewing #cosplay