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12 Vintage Dairy Queen Banana Split Bowls

DQ Banana Split

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Vintage 80s barrettes: smurf, smurfette, care bears, rainbow annie


Barbie Skipper doll...YES...I had one... I had one of these too, Lisa! Mama ordered it from the Sears catalog and it seemed to take FOREVER to come in!!!

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Vinyl record album holder 33s and 45s 1950s

I had one of these - 45s went on the top and albums on the bottom.

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Vintage Game. 1967 Ker Plunk. Game Vintage Ker Plunk Game from Ideal Toys Corp

Ker-Plunk - I had this game!

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Vintage Aluminum McDONALDS Ashtrays

Remember when people could smoke in Mcdonalds? I remember when the smallest section of McDonald's was for non smokers. Times have changed.

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More Hot Pants Vintage Knitting and Crochet Patterns

Let's take a moment to remember the engineer stripe hot pants with the little red hearts on them, that I wore with pantyhose and boots. And a 3 inch wide white belt. And a white ruffley blouse. And beaded necklaces that hung to my waist. What? It was 1972.