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LOL! This seriously happens to me all the time. Especially in the squat rack. #LadyBeast

That awkward moment when you are lifting more than the guy next to you. just kidding. not awkward. Yeah this happened to me & I encouraged him to keep up the great work!

Funny how all the women who lift weights in my gym are the ones with the best bodies...?! Weight Training Is The Way! Check out this class article about secrets of women who do strength training. #9 is hilarious

21 Secrets Girls Who Lift Won't Tell You

While our guy friends find us ever so slightly intimidating. 21 Secrets Girls Who Lift Won't Tell You

True. Motivation to get up and move!

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"you aren't going to get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have." True -- motivation to get up and move!

Fitness Quotes :   Illustration   Description  so true.    “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” !    -Read More –   - #Quotes https://healthcares.be/lifestyle/quotes/fitness-quotes-so-true-2/

Hitting new PR's and making improvements is an unexplainable feeling. I remember when I hit squat clean for the first time like it was yesterday, finally stringing together dbl unders into forget how far you've come.

This is what it takes some days!

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The Key to a good life

Inspirational Quote - Life's too short not to be healthy fit and happy! Eat move hydrate sleep and love!

30 Reasons Women Should Strength Train - Life by DailyBurn Natural Supplements and Vitamins cheaper with iHerb coupon OWI469 http://youtu.be/vXCPDEkO9g4 #fitness #weightloss #health

30 Reasons Women Should Strength Train [INFOGRAPHIC] - So important: strength training is a great boost to every woman's health