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This is PERFECT!!! Oh sweetie she already told me she told u the shit I been posting...and I can't help it there's so many good things that describe a fat ..lazy..worthless..jobless...moocher bitch like you lmao how could I resist lol

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There will always be men who make you hate them all. Until one day you meet one who doesn't. Just kidding, they all suck.

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Want some fun? Show this to some of these folks and watch the confusion on thier face!

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I especially like what I call "The 5 minute slap". You sarcastically call somebody out, and they don't understand it for 5 or more minutes...then when they finally do, they go, "hey, wait a minute!", but it's long over by then…!!

But she's a "good, a really good person." Like when she trash talks us at every chance she gets. To her children. Her family. Her friends if she has any. And strangers. Anyone who will listen. Yawn. Yeah, she's so good. Funny, none of us see it that way.