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    oh no.... for those of you who need it (and you know who you are) PLLLLEEEEAAASSSSEEE take this advice!!!..[but pay no mind to how I spelled 'please']



    • Rachael Kauffman

      Some Spelling Lessons by The Oatmeal | Funri. More confusing words. I am the worst speller - the kids are on notice to spell check for me and I reward them when they catch me. Sometimes I do it on purpose to see if anyone is paying attention. im a grammar nazi and i cant spell definatly

    • Lesley Schoch

      Words We Need to Stop Misspelling by The Oatmeal. I have to admit this entails some of my biggest pet peeves. I try not to care... but OH I DO. :-)

    • David Davies

      Spelling lessons! Lisa and I were just talking about this today lol my biggest pet peeve!

    • Vicky Schwerdtfeger

      spelling lesson - these are some of my biggest pet peeves!! It is not that hard! Get it right please!

    • Marta Bunse

      Owning the whole "grammar set" of posters from The Oatmeal is an English teacher's dream come true.

    • Casey S

      Grammar Police Alert. The English teacher in me loves this in the most nerdy way possible.

    • Ashley Christianson

      Spelling lessons! Lisa and I were just talking about this today lol my biggest pet peeve!

    • Alexis Helms

      Funniest grammar lesson ever. It's because I'm an English major. Sorry not sorry.

    • Jenni Hranek

      good grammar lesson.... these are some of my BIGGEST pet peeves!

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