Herbal Tea for Chickens

Five Easy Ways to Keep your Chickens' Water from Freezing this Winter

What NOT to Feed your Chickens

HOW COLD IS TOOOO COLD???? check out site... Chickens can handle very cold temperatures. Some experts say chickens don’t really start suffering until the temperature inside their coop falls to minus

more tricks to keep chickens busy and warm in the winter.


Cute Chicken Coop

Another great chicken coop to make!!

DIY Chicken Salad Bar for chickens

For healthy chickens: Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic and Diatomaceous Earth

I really want to start mixing my own chicken feed. This is a great "recipe" for doing so. I can't wait to start! :)

DIY Fix for Bumblefoot: If you raise enough chickens long enough you will most likely be faced with a case or two of bumblefoot.  Bumblefoot is basically a staph infection in which bacteria enters a chicken's (or duck's) foot through a cut caused by a splinter or other sharp object and causes infection which can travel up the leg. It can also be caused by a hard landing off a high roost and tends to affect the heavier breeds. If left untreated it can potentially kill the chicken. (read more...

Warm oatmeal on a cold day? yes please! My girls love it!!!

Tutorial. Your chickens can snack on the green tips, and the frame protects the roots so that the grass survives to grow another day » The Homestead Survival

DIY chicken feeder out of PVC pipe! Cool if we ever get a home with land so I can have chickens.

....good to know- flies are not attracted to the feces of animals who eat Diatomaceous earth- therefore feed it to your chickens (& other farm animals)& sprinkle around the feeders .....

Natural wormer for chickens