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I said this to Pat the other night and his response was "I'm pretty sure you didn't actually find that funny..."

Hahaha see its funny because we have clock but he say we don't hahaha

I wish a company would be like "Hey Asia we'll pay you to pin for us" that would make my life right now. Somebody have pity on a college student who is tired of relying on her parents

1st World Problems... hahahaha, I've actually thought at least 3 of these things this week.

You know this happens to every pinterest nail art project!!

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OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😍😄😍😄❤️❤️😍😄😍😄❤️😍😄❤️😍❤️❤️❤️😄😍😄

How to pour wine. Some days you just need a little extra.

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BAHAHAHA!!! And I love that it's her mom!!!! This would pretty much be my relationship with my momma.

I found this more funny than most people, because this is EXACTLY how my bf would respond!

The Big Bang Theory