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I believe I missed a few. I knew almost every single word, there was just some that I wasn't sure if I'd ever pronounced right.

Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness of this woman.

I didn't get it at first, I was like... Dictionary.... Ifunny... Nook... Hold on to that feeling? What?

Ambercrombie and Fitch CEO looks like an albino Orc.

Is it really sad that my favorite part of this exchange is how clear it is that he just effing loves his wife so much?

Laughed harder at this than I should have.

bahaha!! that's the best! And this, this is basically what I'm going to be doing for a living. yep. ;P

This just became the best slide ever. THAT'S IN LOUISIANA!!!!!!!! Schweet

priceless. this cracks me up. How did this happen? "hey, are you Fabio? Cool, do you want to hold me and take a sexy/funny picture. Thanks!"

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Dump Of The Day - 90 Pics

Avatar Princesses…I don't know which category to put it in!!! Disney or Avatar!!! Lol