Traveling with young kids made easy: Put an entire outfit (including undies and hair accessories) in a ziploc bag. One bag per day. When you get to the hotel, they can pick one per day. Huge time saver! plus dirty clothes don't get mixed in with clean ones ! @Alicia Diaz Hay

Organized Trip Packing for Kids... large ziploc bag for each day to make it easy for kids to grab an outfit instead of ripping through all their clothes in a suitcase

20 Tips for Smoother Travel with a Baby or Toddler I've travelled quite a bit with infants and toddlers and have learned most of these tricks by now. Might help some of you who are stressed about travelling with kids

meal time ideas for toddlers

Great idea for our camping first aid kit!!

Some good ideas for things to have in the car. Snack bag, activity bag, outdoors bag, first aid kit, and BABY WIPES. I don't know how I ever lived without them.

The best tips and products for driving around with happy kids - love that iPad holder! #MunchkinTravel

This is what my baby girl will be wearingng this time next year. No doubt..

masking tape and hotwheels can keep boys happy for hours

Breakfast at Tiffany's baby outfit That is literally the most adorable thing

'If Lost Call' temporary Tattoo. Sharpie and liquid bandaid. Great for going on vacations, day trips etc

Ways to carry a baby and how it affects their development over time... long article but very interesting!

Clean your kids toys in the dishwasher with vinegar! #HeinzVinegar

Stop toddler tantrums AHEAD OF TIME - 5 ideas that actually work.

What an easy way to help your child begin to foster an active prayer life.

Holy cow. Someone just saved me SO much time on making tutus.

happier kids

Kids cot for traveling! Love this for kids too big for a pack and play!

1 month of baby food in 1 hour for 20 dollars. She includes recipes. (and uses quinoa and brown rice)

Kid's Bathroom