Tracy Emin, Groucho Club art

Tracey Emin

TRACEY EMIN | With You I Want to Live, 2007 | neon, cable and transformers Sold for £61,250 at the Contemporary Art Day Sale, 29 June 2012, London. The exhibition ‘She Lay Down Beneath the Sea: Tracey Emin at Turner Contemporary’ in Emin’s hometown of Margate is a must-see! Currently on view through 23 September 2012.

{looks like me}

Tracey Emin

By Tracey Emin, photos from Art Basel 2012


'Sorry Flowers die.' by Tracy Emin, 1999.

Tracey Emin neon installation. #JuicyWords

tracey emin

Trust Yourself by Tracy Emin #neon #neonsign #hotpink #trustyourself (via @1stdibs)

Tracey Emin

Contemporary British artist Tracy Emin. Didn't love this at first, but it's really grown on me.


#neon - neon - ☮k☮

Neon by artist Ken Little


Fingerprint. Black & White. Light. Neon. Night. Lines. Individual. Mark. Special. Fresh. Art. Harmony. Modern. Sign.

Neon Kiss

Keeping it real.

The brilliant Tracey Emin as Frida Kahlo, photographed by Mary McCartney.