Tracy Emin, Groucho Club art

Tracy Emin

neon sign


Falling Garden is collaboration between Swiss artists, Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger

Navid Nuur BROKEN CIRCLE, 2011 ‘… its a circle and the missing part is broken of and this glas is been put inside the neon… so this way the neon is more about its matter and concept and not about what you can make with neons letters and other function things…’

Electric blue

trees used to be there

Tracey Emin, 'Sorry Flowers Die,' 1999, ICA Miami "Emin creates crucial body works in neon".

Neon skeleton

Tracey Emin

tracey emin

Tracey Emin : She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea

Sara Pope. she's all about that lips.

CHRIS BRACEY via Martin Brudnizki blog

Soft Target Number 1

Tracey Emin

Fingerprint. Black & White. Light. Neon. Night. Lines. Individual. Mark. Special. Fresh. Art. Harmony. Modern. Sign.

color | neon leftovers, cool print idea

You Loved Me Like a Distant Star by Tracey Emin. I like the way words relates me and others as well as her.