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Basic Stretches For Tight Hips.. i have the hips of a 70 year old. im definently going to use these!!!

Personalized Photo Map Wish I had started this 30 years ago.

good guide for those winter runs outside - may seem common sense, but also may be helpful for buying guide as well.

Perfect Layering for Winter Workouts (Click for even more stay-warm tips for cold-weather workouts!) | via @SparkPeople #fitness #exercise #run

8-Minute Yoga Routine for Better Sleep. Great way to wind down before bed.

No equipment needed for this full-body workout, so you can do it anywhere!

Ankle Strengthening Exercises. I have super loose ankles so this will be awesome to prevent injuries!!

Full body work out... DONE! Women's Fitness Motivation - Visit www.AskTheTrainer... for more!

This quick 20-minute workout will get your heart rate up and build some muscle — a metabolism boosting win win!

This was KILLER. Moderate soreness in my core and butt, and legs were on fire the next day. And that was only going through the list once!

turn your videos into flip books... what a cute idea

Your photos will never be the same

Chalkboard-inspired gift wrapping DIY.

These ideas are easy to follow and will make a HUGE difference!

*I tried this and those 10 minutes had me out of breath!** I saved this one for future use! Victoria's Secret Model's Full-Body Workout (10 Minute Video) watched it awesome for legs butt arms workout at home no machines necessary!

The lazy girl workout, timed for a 30 min tv show with commercials. This is ridiculous and possibly perfect.