Lace lamp tutorial

DIY Doily Lamp Tutorial

doily lamp with a huge balloon and wallpaper paste. Once dry, after a few days, pop the balloon and hang with a basic lamp kit from the ceiling.

DIY Doily Bowl

Decorate a garden with these adorable doily hot air balloons!

Tea cup lights

{Hula Hoop} Chandelier.... Hula Hoop and Lace from the Dollar Store!! Only 4 dollars to make! Outdoor wedding idea

Candy buffet - Glue glass jar onto a candlestick from the dollar store!!

DIY: Sand Bowls- just sand mixed with glue and dripped over a bowl until it hardens.

Maggie's Crochet · Butterfly Doily 2 Crochet Pattern


Doily lanterns diy

Button Lamp - so cute

DIY MIni Fabric Lamps by honesttonod #Lamps #DIY #honesttonod

diy Twine Lanterns - glue, cornstarch water - patroleum jelly on your balloon and boom...

DIY String Heart diy craft crafts craft ideas diy ideas crafty diy decor diy home decorations home crafts craft decor

Pilates ball Wallpaper glue Paper cords (approx. 200 meters) Lamp cable Plastic sheets Wrap ball in plain plastic sheets Dip the paper cord in the glue and wrap around the ball until you are satisfied with the result. Remember to leave a hole to be able to easily replace the lamp bulb. Let dry for at least 12 hours

Okay... I am SO making these this year! Dip yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloon and pop balloon when dry.

lace balloons

Make with hot glue, beads, and clear ornaments!

Get a canvas or cardboard and some fake flowers then glue the flowers on it and spray paint it with 2-3 colors to add some color to your room.