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‘National Strategy Session’ Presents Everything You Need to Know About Stopping Common Core | Video |

There are No “Moderate Rebels” in Syria: Call For UN Security Council Resolution to Condemn Russia for “Bombing Opposition Forces” in Syria

The same Federal Reserve supposedly put in place to end booms and busts is today directly creating them. Monetary policy is the driving force of all misfortune. Source: Experts Fear a Stealth Crash Has Already Begun: "Risk is Flashing Red"

"For every person who dies in a terrorist attack globally, 58 people in the United States die due to lack of health care."

Al-Qaeda, 'lone wolf,' ISIS? Who was really responsible for the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris?: Al-Qaeda takes credit in new online video - Middle East - International - News - Catholic Online - 14 January 2015

Why the Islamic State Is Scarier Than al-Qaeda in Iraq

Paris woman was charged with trying to contact Al Qaeda over the internet to suggest targets for attack in Paris. Photo: US Mission Geneva Paris woman ‘proposed targets to Al-Qaeda’ Published: 04 Oct 2013 08:55 GMT+02:00 Updated: 04 Oct 2013 08:55 GMT+02:00

This Giant Ship Ships Ships

US police punching black woman: Video

Washington launches a war of aggression against Syria through its Zio-Wahhabi allies, says Gordon Duff .