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    • Erica Alliano

      Chris doesn't play video games but this is so funny!

    • Addis Urena

      Pinterest ecard humor men video games

    • Emily Dickson

      truth hurts

    • Drea Spurlock

      haha my husband doesnt play video games but I thought this was funny anyway

    • Brittany Kelly

      I swear these cards were made because of my life lol whenever I tell Alex he spends way too much time playin video games he says that about pinterest haha

    • Maranda Krueger

      Duh, Pinterest is like an online life skill class.

    • Gigi

      What's that you say? You playing video games is the same as me being on Pinterest? When's the last time your Xbox made us chicken enchiladas? #Pinterest #pin #humor #quotes #lol

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    Pinterest is what I'm doing right now while my hubby is watching something dumb. What a coincidence!

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    oh that pissed me off alright, I think this was the start of all my anger problems X~p

    thants right, video games don't need guns and blood and gore to make you spin into a violent rage

    Also When your husband is working or sleeping or in the bathroom. I shoulda married pinterest

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    You know it, even if your husband doesnt. LOL! urbandomsticdva

    pow pow pow Im the queen of making sound effects while playing video games.

    I have never appreciated books or music more...

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