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    • Toni George

      U kidding right?!!! "Moving with the times"Twenty years ago you would have been shot for stepping too close to this monument in Sofia in Bulgaria. But after the smashing of the Berlin Wall, statues celebrating communist rule appear to be fair game to the graffiti artists of the former Soviet block in Eastern Europe. An anonymous artist transformed Russian Red Army soldiers from a monument in the city of Sofia, in Bulgaria, into popular superheroes and cartoon characters

    • Eric Nusbaum

      MOLIMU: Superhero Streetart in Sofia

    • Ally Behr

      "Moving with the times" by an anonymous artist who transformed the Russian Red Army soldiers into Superheroes at the base of a Soviet Army monument in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    • Andrea Leigh Force

      An anonymous street artist transformed this Soviet monument of Russia's Red Army soldiers turning them into the Joker, Santa Claus, Superman, Ronald McDonald, Captain America, Robin and others.

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