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  • Pamela Solitario

    Random Funny Pictures.. RDJ. Enough said.

  • Professional Fangirl

    Tony Stark Captain America Iron Man The Avengers

  • Showcase Cinemas

    Well, it's true. #IronMan #TonyStark #RDJ #ChrisEvans #CaptainAmerica #Marvel

  • Jackie Welch

    (tags: Avengers, Captain America, Steve Rogers, Iron Man, Tony Stark, suit of armor, stark naked, pun)

  • Kamryn Fugate

    Stark naked! Love Robert Downey Jr.!

  • Juhi Vibhakar

    Puns are punny. Robert Downey Junior FTW! What is #IronMan without his suit of Armour? 'Stark Naked!!!' #TonyStark #naked #Avengers #movies #parody #spoof #humor

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Correction: He beat the crap out of Loki and sucker punched Thor! Still funny though.

"I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with a glorious props department"

I see what you did there xD

Except Thor is not a demi-god. He is the Norse god of thunder, both his parents are full godly beings in mythology. A Demi-god is a creature that had ONE human parent and ONE godly parent. Just saying.

Bahahahahaha!!!!!I'd carry one around in my pocket, put another on my bedside table, and the last I would put the last one in the TARDIS box I painted so it would be Loki in the TARDIS! :D

Iron man! Iron man are you okay?! <-- DAT DESCRIPTION HAHAHAHAHA<-- this whole thing is so great.

Poor Hawkeye. But it is true. All he can basically do is shoot an arrow really well.

Kinda lame, but I seriously LOL'd when I saw this... Yay Spring!

The Avengers + Loki ... according to Tony Stark I'm a huge fan of how you lose control and turn into a enormous green rage monster!

I totally noticed this in the film - because I'm apparently an Avengers hipster