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  • Wendy Galloway

    This is a great idea! I'm going to paint the vent with a rustoleum black to match then attach the doormat! Use a door mat to cover the air vent. Brilliant idea!

  • A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts

    Cold Air Return Vent. This is a great idea we will be taking advantage of. Since our house was built pre-AC we have a lot of odd and ugly vents.

  • Stephanie Kelly

    great idea... repurpose rubber mat over air vent. All she needed to do was add a thin fabric material.

  • Terri Stansell

    Air Vent Cover. Great idea for our house in Virginia

  • Eefje de Boer

    Air Vent Cover, I need this in my living room!!

  • regina brewster

    idea to cover the ugly vents. I like! And several other good ideas for updating the house

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