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    Some day, I will get around to massage therapy classes.

    Not something I have to do. But, I think it could be fun.

    Maybe not the whole day. But, just a day in bed would be nice.

    Two of my favorite things. :))

    Make a quilt.

    Ride a horse on the beach.


    Live in my dream house.

    Run in a color run.

    Graduate college and law school!

    Go ziplining.

    Build a snowfort.

    I would like to do the decorations--not sure about the whole wedding.

    Check!! I got to sleep this way for about a month. :)) every night.

    Check--& I plan to do a better one for our one year anniversary. :))

    Google it--this sounds awesome! :))

    Spend an entire day cuddling.

    Create a secret family recipe.

    Catch a jar of lightning bugs.

    Build a treehouse.

    Two places at once

    have a daughter