Friends Bloopers! I must remember to play this when I'm having a bad day.

To be my all know who you are :)

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can't stop laughing!

lmao! hilarious

Friends ...


'You poked my heart': Watch these kids have an adorable argument over weather - Parents -

this is for my co-workers (you know why )

A full hour of friends bloopers? yes! Saving this for a boring day.

FART BE GONE! Is this for real?! Flatulence Deodorizer Pad, only $24.95.... Haha I'll be putting this in Ryan's stocking as a joke :) He will love it!! lol

Elderly couple accidentally record themselves while trying to figure out how webcam works. HOW SWEET IS THAT GUY?! I love him!



Pin now, read and do later when you need a good laugh! 100 funny things to ask Siri

kristen wiig.

I remember this- best sign ever!

is it bad that my sisters and I had a pony growing up...we brown. lol