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Here's how your yard is going to win the 'Best Christmas Decorations' award ➤ Here's How Your Yard Is Going To Win The 'Best Christmas Decorations' Award | Image source: Martha Stewart

Ice Globe Lantern ...fill balloon with water and partially freeze...remove balloon and pour out water from centre of ice ball...insert tea light

Glowing Gift Boxes

We already have a ton of lights... Could we make pieces that glow like this? I think it could be very beautiful. We could use shadows by placing cut puts in the boxes that u would see if they r nor lit?? Just a thought What do u think?

PVC Pipe Christmas "Mini Mega Tree" tutorials - great for inexpensive yard decorations. ❤ we made one for 2014 - SUPER EASY! We winged a lot of our measurements and it worked out well. We have a beautiful custom 10' tree and spent less than $20 in materials, including LED lights (Black Friday special).

Hot Cocoa Cheesecake Dip

Hot Cocoa Cheesecake Dip - The perfect dip for your cookies! It's filled with tiny marshmallows and hot cocoa flavor. It has the perfect mousse texture too!