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Choose a variety. Punica granatum is a small deciduous tree. It will grow to about 2.5 metres tall, with orange flowers during the summer season. The dwarf variety "Nana" will grow shorter, to about 1 metre. Or, you might like the frilly flowers that grow on the "Beautiful" variety.

Rare Afgekia sericea Rare flower captured in Queen's Park, Chiang Mai Thailand. This flower is being threatened by people encroaching on the habitat where it normally grows in Northern Thailand.

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Growing Citrus Indoors: 5 Helpful Tips

tips for growing citrus indoors

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How to Care for a Pieris Japonica

Mountain fire look like lily of the valley, grows well in shade

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Grow Citrus Indoors

Growing Citrus Indoors: Your orange, lemon, or lime tree can grow in a container, thriving indoors during cold-weather months before basking outside in spring & summer. The best pick for homegrown citrus is a dwarf variety. Many citrus trees can be grown as dwarves, including Meyer lemon, kaffir lime, & 'Trovita' & calamondin oranges, which are amenable to indoor cultivation.

Chinese Lantern Flowers. Great Grandma Hicks had them on her patio. The are amazingly brilliant in color, an incredibly gorgeous bush. Similar in color to the trumpet vine we grew on the back fence in the Santa Ynez Valley. CH.

Orange Tree- Fragrant flowers, rinds, and fruits make oranges some of the most perfume-rich plants you can grow. There are hundreds of different cultivars. Look for a cultivar that fits your needs. For example, some are best for juice, eating fresh, or harvesting the rind. Choose a dwarf tree or shrub form for easy harvest and pruning.

Mock Orange - Powerfully fragrant, the mock orange has pure-white double flowers that appear on this dark-green deciduous shrub in early or midsummer.

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Edible Beauties

Illustrated guide to edible flowers. | The Micro Gardener

Golden Shrimp Plant. Beloperone guttata (yellow) or Justicia brandegeana (salmon-red).

Everblooming Gardenia - Monrovia - Everblooming Gardenia shade tolerant, fragrant blooms, evergreen

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TOP 10 Tips for Growing Blueberries in the Home Garden

This summer enjoy the taste of delicious, home grown blueberries directly form your backyard. They are the biggest nutritional powerhouses that you can eat comes in a very small package. Blueberries are filled with more cancer-fighting, anti-aging, eyesight-saving and disease-fighting antioxidants than foods like spinach and salmon. They have been shown to reduce the effects of glaucoma and improve memory according to reports by the USDA. It is obvious that blueberries are a true superfood…