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    American Revolution Unit

    Terrific website where students can learn facts, get ideas for activities, and take interactive quizzes on the American Revolution. w3-5

    Revolutionary War unit w/ lapbook downloads

    Revolutionary War - Hands on history unit for homeschool kids! This 4 week unit includes lots of hands on projects and a FREE Revolutionary War Lapbook to keep track of important people and American timeline.

    Causes of the American Revolution with Smarties….Great activity…the sheet used is not linked to download, but it would be easy to duplicate.

    Upper Grades Are Awesome: Lapbooking, and the American Revolution Lapbook

    One of my favs - American Revolution Animated Kids Lesson - No More Kings - Schoolhouse Rock

    Maybe when I get back into 5th grade...good alternative to some of the writing projects

    Social Studies and Writing Idea

    Join or Die t-shirt from Declaration Clothing; This shirt depicts the iconic wood-cut popularized by master printer Benjamin Franklin. During the Revolutionary War, it became a call to action for the colonies to unite and fight against British tyranny.

    Trace the "Steps" to the American Revolution-- Could definitely be used for the Civil War unit or other units. One idea- assign each student an event to research. Have them copy their foot on a piece of paper and then use the feet to form a timeline.

    American Revolution- this teacher is awesome

    SS-American Revolution

    ▶ Tea, Taxes, and The American Revolution: Crash Course World History…terrific for 5th and 6th grade…look on the right hand side for other GREAT videos!

    FREE - The American Revolution PowerPoint

    This is an incredible visually-engaging PowerPoint lesson on major battles of the American Revolution. It includes great pictures for each major battle and event along with easy to follow notes and state standards based content. This is a wonderful resource for any US History classroom!

    4th Grade Economics: The Money System

    The American Revolution! Using cards as a timeline or a flip book to learn the story of the Revolutionary War. Great for classroom or homeschool use!

    Here is a lesson plan for Women of the American Revolution created by Jim Pearson for the National Center for History in the Schools. This lesson incorporates poetry, primary source documents and manuscripts. Aligned with NJ Social Studies Standard 6.1.8.D.3.e. Common Core ELA standards addressed with this lesson include CCSS ELA Literacy RL.6.1,2,4,5,and 9; RI.6.1-7; SL.6.1, 2, and 5; and L.6.4 and 5.

    Excellent site for students to be engaged and learn about the Revolutionary War.

    Video and engaging lesson for American Revolution unit.