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  • Barbara Trail

    Laundry Room Decor - for all the odds 'n ends in the pants pockets - great idea!

  • Brianne Bell

    Mason Jar Idea- Check your pockets! Laundry room idea

  • Nadja Jiresch

    Check your pockets mini laundry room sign - great idea

  • Simone Semple

    Empty your pockets using mason jar. Great idea for laundry room.❤

  • Sami Abby

    Check Your Pockets Mini Laundry Room Sign- cute idea for collecting all that pocket change and little things in pockets

  • Wendy Bowers

    Check Your Pockets Mini Laundry Room Sign ----> good idea!

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Lost & Found Board for Laundry Room - I might need this 4x as large to cover my crew's lost socks etc ;)

Great idea for front loading machines, especially if you don't have an actual laundry room but more of an "area".

I would love to have an organized laundry room like this some day. Love the cabinets for Laundry storage, and the area above laundry machines, much more usable!! :)

Amen! "You are Loved by God" "God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, King Jesus Christ, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life"................John 3:16-21

Sweet laundry room!~...LOOKS LIKE THE BOARD MY MOM TAUGHT ME TO IRON ON !!..(I still have it)..♥♥♥

Like the mini clothes line under the cabinets, farmhouse sink, cubby hole cabinets

Amazing laundry room but possibly a little too sterile, or something, for me. But I'm in love with that table. I think we could re-create DIY that island. Pallet for the bottom, an old table, and get a scrap marble slab or something. hmmm.

Thinking of painting the our paneling in the living room, and adding wood floors like this. This has a very nice look.

A shelf...then stuff won't fall behind them and it would look so much nicer than staring at the water connections.

for the laundry room- or spare change collection