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  • Mary Frances Rogers

    The ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), also known as the dwarf leopard, is a wild cat distributed extensively over South America, Central America, and Mexico. They have been reported as far north as Texas, and as far east as Trinidad and Barbados in the Caribbean.

  • Allison Brown

    I am in love with these big cats, and amazed by there spots and markings. Beautiful cats

  • Nancy C.

    El ocelote se conoce también como jaguarcito (Chaco), manigordo (Costa Rica y Panamá), cunaguaro (en Venezuela), tigrillo (en Colombia, México, Ecuador, El Salvador y Perú), jaguatirica (en Brasil), jaguarete´i o mbarakaja (en Guaraní pequeño jaguarete o gato respectivamente) (en Paraguay), gato onza en Argentina y Ocelote en Uruguay.Wikipedia.

  • Melba Sanches

    Rare Species | Rare Animals | Freaky Weird Animals

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