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Do you see our homeless in Savannah on the streets like this? There are many ways that street homelessness presents itself & we in Savannah might have a mental image but as you encounter our homeless please take a moment to snap a picture & share it with us (but after you have their permission to share it)...

Actually the reason is because God made us each one different for His purposes! It's just us to us to submit to Him & live in His will for us!

So who has faith that ending chronic homelessness takes a Housing First model to accomplish? Enough bandying about brands & labels & everybody thinking we do it now! We don't do it or there wouldn't be the homeless population living on the streets or under the bridges, in tents or on a park bench in Savannah! Thanks to MLK for this: Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase. - MLK

Pray for all the judgmental people out there who see a homeless person & ignore them or don't welcome them into their church or any other place homeless folk might want or need to go!

Now here's how a homeless entrepreneur quickly gets a business launched, on his way to getting housed with an income that can sustain himself! He actually launched this business while he is living in a shelter! Stay tuned for more great news from this Design House! A question for us is, how can we enable more homeless folks to find their own way out of their homelessness?