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Botswana agate

Greyhound by ~Annabola on deviantART

haul ass


Greyhound, white snow by Dave Engledow on Fotoblur


greyhound puppy

Petra Postma photography Cara, galgo español, Spanish greyhound. Lovely!

Never Roll, born 1939

Thoughtless Beauty, born 1892

My Laddie, born 1929

Stunning Galgo..

When I grow up I'm gonna be a Greyhound!

lady dog

crochet dog hat

pretty sketch

"Please... help me. They're crazy... CRAZY I tell you!!"

Bowties are cool

IG are the sweetest dog...

Eden at the dog park and her goofy greyhound sit. I love my little old lady.


See, dogs can look up.

Brindled greyhounds are my absolute favorite!


April is National Adopt a Greyhound Month!