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    • Brittany Ohlrich

      What a fun writing prompt! "This morning I turned on the faucet to brush my teeth and you'll never guess what I saw..." Tell what other crazy things happened to you that day.

    • Sophie

      I turned on the faucet to splash some cold water on my face. I'm just dreaming or something. Instead of water, Gummy bears gushed into the sink. "What?" I slapped the faucet off.

    • 『  〔Ms. Calliope Lullaby〕』

      (Open Rp, 2-3 ppl plz) I turn on the sink to see that gummy bears come out instead of water. " I must be dreaming." I pinch myself to be sure. It hurts. "If I'm not dreaming, then where am I?"

    • Alyssa R.

      "Look!" Bern shrieked. "Gummy bears! In the sink! Coming out of the faucet! Have not seen anything so perfect in your whole entire existence?!" @RandomStuffles

    • Teaching In A Nutshell

      Writing Prompt. Describe what is happening in the picture? Tell a story about why Gummi Bears are coming out of the sink.

    • Faith Sharp

      photo writing prompt: As I turned on the faucet gummy bears began to poured out...

    • Megan Davolos Cunningham

      Writing Prompt: If gummy bears came out of the sink - what would you do?!

    • Kristin Kukis

      gummy bears should be a main food group.

    • Mackenzie Marten

      Gummybear sink? I think yes.

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