• J L

    Silver Lab puppy.... Oh those blue eyes

  • Amber Webb

    Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy GORGEOUS animals!!! I must have one some day! Looks like Aiden's first pet!

  • Jacqueline Dickey

    Steven want this to be one of our dogs. i want. now. Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy http://media-cache8.pinterest.com/upload/133278470192616099_f9piJljS_f.jpg karenaschindler cute puppies and other animals

  • Anna Weisenburger

    Hey! That's my dog. #silverlab

  • Lena Andre

    Cute Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy with Blue eyes.. awww :)

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Fishermen's lights attract plankton, and plankton attract young whale sharks in Djibouti's coastal waters. In 2008 the United Arab Emirates banned whale shark fishing—a sign of growing awareness of the importance and vulnerability of Arabia's seas.

This is the reason I cannot swim in the ocean. Oh my gawd.

SHARK!! Main reason not to get in or on the ocean - other than drowning, can't forget drowning.

I dont know that this statistic is true but I do know pit bulls are negatively stereotyped to their detriment :(

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Dog Run idea-There is a lot of good info online about creating a dog run that is safe and healthy for them. When you create your dog run, I recommend either using slightly raised wood decking or synthetic turf on the ground so that it doesn’t turn into a mud pit. Both solutions look great, and are easy for you to hose down. I am including some photos of very nice dog runs. Shelter from sun and rain will keep your dog comfortable in any weather.

when I have lots of money someday...larger indoor area with beds & toys & a small grassy area in the corner of the outdoor kennel (so they know where to potty). Comfort outside when I'll be gone for the day.

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