where was this shirt when I was pregnant-especially the cant touch my belly part!!!! And I would have added on, no its not twins, just one huge baby :)

Every pregnant woman needs this shirt. Any more questions funny custom maternity shirt by BabytalkDesigns

A comfortable jumper for the baby !

Im not ready to have babies, but this is awesome. I love hoodies hahaha A hoodie for you and baby and no worries about the blanket not covering toes or fingers. This is awesome!

Cutest Yoda in the World

Cutest Yoda in the World

Yoda Baby Hat by PinkToad on Etsy Star wars geek are you, hmm? Of the Jedi in your baby's future is the force, hmm? Like Yoda anyway babies look. With this hat.

Shut Up And Take My Money .com - Collection of things you don't need, but really really want.

I Love You I Know Pillow Case Set Don’t give the Han in your life the cold shoulder! Buy this awesome set of pillow cases to show your bed buddy that you.


Body R is for R2-D2

Star Wars baby grows You don't have to be a geek sci-fi parent to love these Star Wars baby grows…but it helps.

cricut projects with vinyl for babies | cute onsie with heat transfer vinyl t-shirt-vinyl-projects

12 Unique Father's Day Gifts That Will Make Dad Laugh

Pretty sure daddy will want to get her this if it's a girl. Baby 'kinleigh will be daddy's little girl for a lifetime!

Absolutely. The back should say "Chances are I'm smarter than your kid!

"I'm proof nerds get laid" onesie by JuelBabies on Etsy

I work out  just ki #pregnantchicken

Baby onesie custom printed tshirt mo - i work out just kidding i take naps quote on Etsy, kid girl boy kid

star wars baby omg I have to get this!

Darth Vader Who`s Your Daddy Star Wars Movie Baby Creeper Romper Snapsuit by unisexbabyclothings