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    Days after the Titanic sank the body of a baby boy was found and recovered from the North Atlantic. After the child could not be identified he was buried in Nova Scotia with a tombstone reading simply ‘The Unknown Child’. In 2001 researchers at Lakeland University in Ontario were granted permission to exhume the body. By consulting the passenger lists they had narrowed down the possible identity to one of four children: Gosta Paulson, Eino Panula, Eugene Rice and Sidney Goodwin. Initial tests...

    A fun facts comp

    Fun facts

    100 mind blowing facts you don`t know about our world. PART I / 1 pretty sure the celery thing isn't true though

    Himba woman, Namibia

    Random facts.

    15 interesting facts Prisoner x is dead though.

    77 Facts That Sound Like Huge Lies But Are Actually Completely True. Some of these BLEW MY MIND.

    A Surma woman wears a wary expression.

    big blonde afro

    Barbra Streisand demonstrates the power of of an black ensemble. #StJohnKnits

    Arcus Cloud, Kearney ,Nebraska, USA

    A look at the moon

    Atlantis – Barquentine Atlantis – Tall Ship Company - Sailing Cruises I have bee aboard her - at the end of Southend Pier. She really is beautiful. For the date of next year's visit check with Southend civic web site.

    Tall ship

    Cratère des Pingualuit, Nunavik, Québec, Canada 2008 ©Robert Fréchette

    Blue Window, Arctic //Manbo

    God's Promise...Rainbow

    Paul Newman

    Beautiful Afro Antillano Panamanian girl ... #KnowThySelf

    2 oceans meet but don't mix.FACT but phenomenon.Pic shows 2 different ocean water bodies meeting in middle of Alaskan Gulf, where a foam is formed at the merging junction.This happens when glaciers of fresh water start melting and flow to join the ocean water which is more salty.Due to the difference in the salinity and densities of these 2 meeting ocean water bodies, a surface tension is developed between them that acts like a thin wall and does not allow them to mix. Eventually they will mix.

    Flower Market Series: Ornamental Cabbage

    Freckle Face | Man Repeller