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Dragon Claw Ring

Huge Silver Claw around a genuine Quartz Crystal Ball. - Made from Stainless Steel. - Reinforced Design & Exceptional Quality. - 1cm Quartz Crystal Ball. - 10g. Each Quartz Crystal may be slightly dif

Maker's Halloween Leather Mask With Feathers-Pink Metallic

Katherine Necklace - Victorian Goth Vintage Swarovski Amethyst Crystal Cabochon - 2 Different Chains Materials - Insurance Included

It's named after me!! I must have one! Katherine Necklace - VIctorian Goth Swarovski Amethyst Crystal Cabochon. $22.00, via Etsy.

A staple in 1970s homes, a vintage barrel stand is easily repurposed into a ghost Halloween candy bowl stand- without doing anything permanent!