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Zac Efron has come a long way since High School Musical :P

Zac Efron why am i so obsessed... also the condom he dropped was for us later

OK, no joke, this is seriously want I want to pull off: skateboarding in a suit. How often do you see a guy rolling down Boylston St. in a suit? Yeah, didn't think so. My only question is how to work the shoes so they're functional here, but also don't look like skater shoes.

Abby Christine Christine Sherman Noelle Stransky Stransky Kellermann

ZAC EFRON | ZEFRON.COM Image Gallery - 30,000 Zac Efron images and counting! - 061 - Ben Watts (2010)/s5cgY

Zac Efron ooohhhhhh mmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyy gooooodddddnnnneeeeessssssss iiiiii caaaannnnntttt eeeevvveeeennnn sssstttaaaannnddd iiitttttttt


ewww "come here baby so i can lift you up and use you to do arm curls while i shoot steroids so much junk shrivels up and falls off! oh yeah muscles!" GROSSSSSSS i like my men either emaciated or cubby but never EVER muscly!