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These Natural Cold Remedies and Flu Remedies will help you avoid getting sick or will help you feel better fast.

Natural Remedy for Cough - Honey. Take a teaspoon of honey straight, or make some herbal tea and add honey. You can also add a squeeze of lemon to a spoonful of honey for some extra Vitamin C. My kids love getting honey when they have a cough or sore throat. Be sure not to give honey to children under one though.

natural cold remedies

A good reference list to keep handy for cold and flu season and lots of other ailments too.

Best Essential Oils for Cold & Flu season

10 Natural Cold Remedies at - I use several of these which have proved to work well

Home Remedies for Cold Season--mostly things you already have at home!

The Pistachio Project: Cinnamon Honey Remedy to help colds : 1 c honey + 1/4 c cinnamon - take 1tsp twice daily, for 3 days. bonus - I love honey and cinnamon! :)

"The "Mypos Cure" that I like to keep on hand for cold and flu season. I don't think my recipe is quite as unique as Balki's and far more palatable but it does the trick when colds and flu are making you miserable."

18 Ways to Kick a Cold - Eucalyptus Oil is a lifesaver in my house when someone has a stuffy nose. I little bit dabbed on a damp cloth and placed in the room or for an older child, by their pillow, will help keep stuffy noses clear all night long.