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Hahaha ALL EXCEPT ONE. And that one I would make D: all of the above >: )

Hahaha!! I'm so gonna use this on someone! ..or at least mumble it under my breath behind them in a stern way.


Awesomeness Level: Keanu Reeves

I admit that I never considered a great actor Keanu, but I was very touched by his life story and I understand perfectly obvious that the sadness he demonstrates

I hope this answers any questions on why i like sleeping in. i don't need your shit anymore. i'm temporarily dead :3

from Etsy

We're Cooler Than Everyone Else Wood Block Art Print Typography

sisters @Vanessa Samurio Thomann !

seriously..... i live by myself and never, ever have done this or thought of doing this lol

true teacher school <b>jokes</b> <b>joke</b> teen quotes relatable so relatable so ...

from Simple & Interesting.

„I miss you” in french.

"I miss you" in french.