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23 Easy Ways To Instantly Make Your Day Better. For the rough days.. made me laugh pretty dang hard

23 Easy Ways To Instantly Make Your Day Better. For the rough days. made me laugh pretty dang hard. I dont even care what this is, I pinned it because the pic is amazing awful bleach blonde Justin Timberlake circa 1998 hahahaha LOOOVE IT

peter pan bed intruder

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, & hide yo husband cuz they rapin errbody out here! Bahahaha Lord have mercy that's hilarious!

Animal Humor-Hawkwardd~

Funny pictures about Punny Animal Kingdom. Oh, and cool pics about Punny Animal Kingdom. Also, Punny Animal Kingdom photos.


Gangnam Style, sticker 3.9 x 3.9 in

keep calm and oppa gangnam style, tried out zumba tonight.we oppa gangnam styled lol

Lol wtf

I want to be her friend so bad! Seriously the funniest/weirdest thing I've seen all day.

i just watched this 3 times in a row, omg i'm still dying. Gotta love ellen!

The Ellen Show: Ellen's Scare montage. Even if your having the worst day this will make u laugh so hard! Especially Taylor Swift and Richard Simmons'!

Mira cómo sufre Kourtney Kardashian en Francia tras terminar definitivamente con Scott Disick

23 things to instantly make your day better. Let's start with Kim Kardashian's ugly cry face :)

Bwahahahahahaha!  Reminds me of the Sandra Bullock Movie - The Proposal when she is in the woods dancing with the grandma!!

Funny pictures about To thine window. Oh, and cool pics about To thine window. Also, To thine window.