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    The La Gournay Chicken: A Very Rare and Very Beautiful French Breed by Stuart…

    by Abbey. K. Smith. 7.
    The La Gournay Chicken A Very Rare and VeryBeautiful French Breed By Stuart Sutton Devonshire, England The story of the La Gournay goes way back but myth h
    • Shirley Hart

      The La Gournay Chicken: A Very Rare and Very Beautiful French Breed by Stuart Sutton from the December, 2012/January, 2013 issue of Backyard Poultry

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    A lazy monkey hitches a ride to the top of a tree - sitting on the back of a parrot. The squirrel monkey hopped onto the bird and wrapped his arms around its neck to avoid the 26 foot climb. He lives with a male and female blue and gold macaw at a countryside hotel, where they always eat and play together. The photographer was in San Agustin, Colombia, when he noticed the unusual friendship - photo by Alejandro Jaramillo

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    The elf owl, which is the world's smallest owl, of the southwestern US makes its nest in a hollow cactus.

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    Not only is this a great picture of budgies-in-a-row, but look at the different head patterns. 4 similar birds, 4 unique faces!