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  • Lorena Davis

    My Ewok is cuter. Shihtzu's rule!

  • Kirstie Gust

    ewok puppies... if @Brittney Day had ever watched Star wars, so would get why she would be epic if she made this Chloe's next halloween costume!

  • Liz Parkinson

    ewok = shih tzu. I need to do this for Benji as a Halloween costume because people say he looks like an ewok all the time.

  • Josilyn Catmull Stonebrook

    Ewok dog costumes! @shilo @kylene Puppy and Roy's next Halloween costume :-)

  • Ali Ferin

    i don't really love starwars but boog looks exactly like this! next halloween costume!

  • Chel Krisik

    ewok puppies @Cindy Pohlman you guys could even get Emmie dressed up in Star Wars, could be for that 'one' photo

  • Michael Soto

    THIS is the best dog costume of all time. Ewoks! | The 57 Greatest Pet Costumes EVER

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my shih tzu, Widget, is sooooo going to hate wearing this ewok costume...but it NEEDS to happen

it's a shihtzu... dressed as an ewok Christina Childress Lucas please please please do this with Gizmeaux! ;-)

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