Mother's love


Lion and cub, hey dad :)

A hug for mom

Mama Hug

Lion on Marble Box by Jay Strongwater at Neiman Marcus | item# NMF14_H6DZU | 8.5"w x 5.25"d x 8.5"h | 2,800.00 + 30.00 shipping

Hug a baby elephant today! (If possible)

I am all scrunched HERE mom!!!!

Lion Cub Bites Dad's Lip/Tongue from business-punk found on Yeeeeooooowww. You KNOW Dad Bit Junior Back!

Two-day-old white lion cub with his mother Sumba in the Belgrade Zoo, Serbia, by © Darko Vojinovic/AP, via

Lion and cub

I miss my mom.

Konstantino 'Minos' Lion Head Pendant available at #Nordstrom

Baby's Tiger Bath - a different kind of tongue lashing from Mom or Dad. -DdO:) -