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Leonor blanket in shades of gray and Gabriel deer by Miga de Pan

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Free Crochet Pattern Lovey

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add flannel lining to crocheted blankets

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Super easy crochet baby blanket

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15 Most Popular Free Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

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Haaksel Granny

Northern Star Hexagon - tutorial here.

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amazing hexagon blanket.

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Leonor blanket in shades of gray and Gabriel deer by Miga de Pan

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♥ miga de pan blankets

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Set-Ander multicolor+Leonor-blanket Miga de Pan

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Juanito natural and gray Blanket-with Gabriel

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Blankets-and-Matematico-acqua Miga de pan


Miga de Pan... again and ever!!!

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Méchant Design: Miga de Pan... again and ever!!!

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Really like the gray background

Etsyfrom Etsy

Modern Baby Blanket, Granny Square Baby Blanket, Teal and Gray Baby Blanket, Turquise Baby Blanket

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teal gray blanket -- LOVE!

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Pouffe Ottoman



Blankets Miga

Pan Ginger

pouf from the ginger, mint and lemon tea collection by miga de pan