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  • Shea Brutinel

    Picturing Proper Portion Sizes - Photo Gallery -

  • Morningside Dental Care

    The portion size for a pancake should be the size of a DVD. A bagel should be about the size of a hockey puck. One ounce of peanut butter is equal to half of a golf ball, and an ounce of chocolate is about the same size as a pack of dental floss.

  • Caris Daily

    Dark chocolate helps to release serotonin and relaxes the blood vessels of the cardiovascular system.

  • Anita Bell

    Hunger seems worse when you're trapped on a plane or in the terminal. If you have diabetes, it's essential to know your best airport options for healthy snacks.

  • Jay Linda Reid

    For weight loss and health, it's not always what you eat that matters, but how much. Here's how to visualize proper portion sizes of your favorite foods to avoid overindulging.

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