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    • Amy Gutierrez

      #DIY photo light box

    • The Rose & The Cross

      DIY Lightbox - Easy to make. Experiment w/natural light instead of fluorescent. Use Velcro straps in Step 2 to be able to disassemble. Consider poster board in a grey color (or other) to change up the background for some shots.

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    I will have to try this. So much easier to make a light box than to wait for the sun to be just right :)

    make your own light box. I have done this other ways, this is way easier

    HOw to make a light box. More and more of us are opening Etsy stores, and one of the biggest keys to selling on Etsy (or any other online store) is taking good pictures of our products. One of the best ways to take a great photo to highlight our items is to use a light box. You can find them around, but you can also make one for less than $5!

    DIY Light box - this is a must if you are selling stuff on Etsy. I would even cover the bottom so the object is sitting on a nice white background.

    A light table is as simple as this, people. A drilled hole in a Tupperware container and then a kit for a hanging paper lantern or hanging light. Easy-peasy :)

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