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Amour by Gianfranco Meloni Também poderíamos dizer que esta foto evoca respeito, reverência, além, claro, amor.

Wow is all I can Say. Definitely going to put these up in my house! (Underwater Portraits by Hana Al Sayed)

The man under the water. The man from another world. A different world than mine. His world was water. Mine was the earth. Always touching, but never getting along.

Photography Officefrom Photography Office

Creative Underwater Photography by Bruce Mozert 1938

under water? cool.

Swimming in the ocean singing your song aaaaaaaa.....your face is like a melody, it won't leave my head

EASE “For whatever we lose (a you or a me) It's always ourselves we find in the sea.” ― E.E. Cummings

Bleu, blue, blau : all is blue -

Henri-Cartier-Bresson,-Peter-Lindbergh,-Paolo-Roversi-and-more-Moscow-concerts-culture-events-entertainment-Exhibitions_859.jpg 392×500 pixels